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Pricing: Annual maintenance and quarterly performance fee

Mercurius Trader offers an automated value betting strategies based on AI.

Download the strategies fact sheet for details.


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Mercurius Trader is the first web application for the Betfair Exchange that offers value betting strategies with a fully automated, quantitative approach based on Artificial Intelligence. Differentiate your portfolio without any extra effort!

Let Mercurius AI work for you

Mercurius Artificial Intelligence is composed of two cores. The first involves the use of a statistical goals model (Expected Goals) that calculates probabilities and odds dynamically.

The second core utilises a trading strategy that translates into staking plans, odds comparisons, and automated placements.

In essence, our software places value bets on your Betfair Exchange account according to one of the two available strategies: Synthesis or Synthesis Extended; click here to learn more about them.

Once you create your account at the next step is to connect it to Betfair. Then, we ask you to select the strategy, set your bankroll, accept the payment method and activate the bot.

We invite clients to check their dashboard for live updates of completed trades. If you don’t have the time, wait for our detailed quarterly report.

Find positive EV with the latest football models

While most traders attempt to find Expected Value via price movements, we do things a little differently. Our sophisticated software calculates the true probability of events by analysing millions of data points in football games and teams.

The data we look at includes, but is not limited to, goals scored, shot location, quality of the chances created, and a team’s recent form. Next, we compare this data against the strength of the opposition.

Download the strategies fact sheet for details about our available strategies and read our methodology to understand the fundamental processes behind our technology.

Reserve your spot!

The main advantage of not depending on liquidity movements is the scalability of the operations. That’s why we have decided to share the technology with other bettors and investors to share profits.

In 2019 we could accept up to a maximum of 100 customers; with the Synthesis betting strategy, we improved our models and execution strategy, this allowed us to scale up liquidity we can manage without reducing the yield and hence we increased the available seats up to 2000.


We charge 2% of the maintenance fee and a 30% performance fee (only if you make more than 5% ROC).

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About us:

Mercurius is a tech company offering premium sports trading services to selected professional traders and investors. Our goal is to build and execute automated betting strategies based on machine learning and statistical techniques. Our proprietary algorithms analyse an incredible amount of data and help our clients find inefficiencies in the betting market, through overpriced wagers and crucial team information.

Key Features

  • Proprietary Artificial Intelligence
  • No scraping – only high-quality sports data (provided by Wyscout)
  • Growing dataset: 4 years, 18 competitions, 20K matches, 31M events
  • 2% commission on Betfair
  • 24/7 coverage – never miss a value bet
  • Automatic bet placement
  • Transparency - our dashboard shows all the placed bets
  • Zero effort required
  • Based on scientific papers by University PhDs
  • Constant R&D to improve our algorithms

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