Anton Ivanov talks about the CopyBet platform advantages

CopyBet is the first platform of its kind. The platform was created to make the copy betting process as simple as possible: it requires no additional content to be downloaded, no free space on your computer, no programming skills. Your money still belongs to you; the only difference is that now you can place it under professionals’ management.

In the virtual world, there are a lot of services that offer help in sports betting: predictions, tipsters services, tips. All of them are relics of the past. Modern approach to the copy betting implies live approach to analytics, news, and predictions. The social betting based on the latest technologies is exactly what CopyBet is.

It wasn’t our task to offer the services, which already exist on the market. We thought that the money should work at all times and everywhere, so we created the platform, the operational and investment principle of which was the same as stock exchanges. The platform allows to invest funds into more familiar assets, using such tools as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and the copying coefficient. In fact, all risk management tools are available here. Also, on the basis of the top leaders of the CopyBet rating, one can learn about more advanced and modern sports betting strategies. The platform also helps to create and develop your own strategy. It’s a new approach to the social betting and we’re very glad to be moving in the right direction.


There are three possible roles one can work with CopyBet.  

1. A bet provider. You can share your bets with others and earn money on both placing them and receiving the commission from those platform participants, who copy them. For professional bettors, whose strategies are successful and efficient, it’s a perfect way to boost their revenue. On top of that, flexible settings of the commission parameters expand of the framework of your usual operations.  

2. A subscriber. You can create your own investment portfolio and choose profitable strategies. In other words, it’s a search for more efficient strategies and subscription to them. You can just copy the bets of the rating leaders and always “be in the black”.

3. A partner. You attract new clients and, as a result, receive the commission for the bets they copy. However, the investment approach allows you to play all three roles that are described above at the same time and benefit from the advantages of each of them.

We tried to make the technical aspect of the operation with the CopyBet platform fairly simple and logical. Before starting your operations in our platform, you have to register both at the CopyBet and BetFair websites. After that, you have to connect your BetFair account to the CopyBet website. Make sure that you have enough funds in your BetFair and CopyBet wallets. It’s necessary because the system analyzes an opportunity to withdraw the commission right away: bets are placed on the BetFair account, and the commission is calculated and withdrawn from the CopyBet one. You can start working right after the registration. The system doesn’t imply any hidden or additional payments. Moreover, the platform can be used for free, for example in order to view and analyze the statistics of other participants. Also, there is a section called STATS CENTER, which includes all necessary sports analytics online, to make your operation with the platform as comfortable as possible.



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