Automated Betting apps: repeat your successful strategies in one click

Automated betting apps can be an easy way to ensure you never miss out on a winner, especially once you have found a successful strategy.

There is a wide range of apps on the market that can offer multiple means of organising your bets and perhaps the most difficult aspect of all is choosing the right one for you.


The process works via a betting bot, which is a piece of software that you can upload to your PC or laptop. From there, you can get yourself into a position that allows you to pre-set your daily bets with just one click via an app.

In choosing which app will be most suitable, it’s worth considering how much technical help you feel you may need. If you enjoy betting, but are not a technical whiz, then it’s worth finding an app that offers support all the way through, not just when you’re getting started.

There is also the option of trying before you buy. Most apps offer the opportunity to undertake a free trial to see if it’s the right one for you.

The lengths of the trial vary. The Bet Engine app has a seven-day free trial, Bet Angel 14 days, while Betting Assistant offers 30 days. Upon completion of the trial, there are varying levels of subscription fees, from daily to monthly to annual depending upon your requirements.

Some apps, including Betbotpro, which is a fully approved Betfair software that runs on your computer and connects directly to Betfair servers, offer a simulation mode where you can trial a system or tipster without using real money.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge and use real money, then you must decide how you want your bot to operate.

The number of criteria and staking plans that you can set depend on the app you have chosen.

You can set up a system whereby you only back the favourite, or the second favourite etc, or when you want the bets to be placed. It could be an hour before the race starts, or just moments before the stalls open.

You can bet when the odds are at a minimum or maximum level in relation to the time of your bet.

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re away from your computer, you can set the bot so that it doesn’t place any more bets when you’ve reached a specific losing sum. Equally, you can set it to stop at a chosen profit target for the day.

There is Dutching and Greening up to consider as well.

You can even use a tipster for selections rather than rely on your own system.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the app and system that works best for you, and provides you with a successful winning formula.

Once you have, then, whether you’re at work, looking after the kids, on the golf course, or just unable to be around when a match kicks off or a race starts, there’s no reason to miss out on a successful bet again.



Enhance your Exchange experience by using an App. Get up and running by following these five easy steps:

  • 1 Find out what Apps do by reading our learning articles.
  • 2 Search for the best App for you by using the filters or search bar.
  • 3 Learn more about the features and benefits and check the community rating. Many Apps offer a free trial – try before you buy.
  • 4 Download the App from the vendor’s site by clicking the ‘Download’ button.
  • 5 Use your Betfair account credentials to log on to the App. Your vendor will provide guidance and support on getting up and running on the App.
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