Automation & Artificial Intelligence: How it Can Make Your Betting & Trading More Profitable

Mercurius discuss the benefits of their automated trading software

In a basic sense, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables computers to think and act in a more ‘human’ fashion. Such processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction. When you visit Netflix, for example, and see recommendations of programs based on what you previously watched, that is AI at work.

There is a growing fear that AI will ‘replace’ humans when, in reality, it will improve products and services and HELP people. Sports traders are one group of individuals who can benefit from AI. As this technology is capable of finding out what works and what doesn’t and learns from its mistakes, it is evident that it is ideal for navigating a probability-based market like sports betting.

In the world of sports betting, uncertainty is arguably our biggest obstacle. While AI can’t eliminate this problem entirely, it can significantly reduce the margin of error to the point where we make long-term profits from betting and trading.

Sports Betting & Trading - What AI Can Do For You
Savvy individuals now recognize sports betting as an investment opportunity, and AI is their weapon of choice. The complex algorithmic structures and processes provide extraordinarily accurate results, as long as you feed it the right information.

The human brain can’t come close to AI’s ability to predict the likely outcomes of games, and the true probability of a result. Of course, you still need a capable human operator to ensure the technology receives the right information. Here are a few snippets that outline how AI can work for the sports bettor.

In the long-term, successful sports betting is dependent not only on finding as much data as possible, but also interpreting it correctly. AI does all of this and more. On the analysis side, Artificial Intelligence looks at BILLIONS of data points simultaneously. In football, it looks at the following:

● Every single touch taken by all players.
● An accurate ‘shot map’ that provides Expected Goals stats.
● The movement of players on the pitch.
● The odds of every single bookmaker on the planet for every available football match.
● Instant analysis of how markets react to different events such as goals, sendings off, and team news.

While AI can’t account for players or teams having an ‘off’ day, it CAN give you a prediction of what is likely to happen based on data to an extremely accurate degree.

Having a world of data at your fingertips is useless if you don’t know HOW to interpret it. After most football games, for example, you will see xG stats for both teams. It is nothing but a bare figure which doesn’t do much in the wrong hands. With AI, however, it is possible to understand what the data is telling you.

AI generates its findings and makes recommendations such as which bet to make, the right odds to take, and the most effective staking method.

In the betting marketplace, speed is of the essence because the odds change so rapidly. A wager may only be in your favour for a matter of seconds before the price is gone. With AI, not only will you find value bets, you don’t have to lift a finger! The technology places the wager for you as soon as possible.

Decide on your staking strategy and bankroll in advance, and allow AI to do its thing. If it is a value bet to stake £123 on Liverpool to beat Manchester United at odds of 2.48, AI will place that wager for you before the odds drop.

There is no hesitation, emotion, or bias involved. AI looks at the data, analyses it, and decides if a value bet is available. When such a wager becomes available, the technology acts. It is as simple as that! In the long-term, when you consistently place bets at ‘value’ odds, you will profit.

At present, bookmakers only use AI to locate ‘sharp’ punters and ban them! When you use the technology on a platform like the Betfair Exchange, you have a significant advantage because your ‘rivals’ are fellow punters. If you take them on without AI, you are effectively bringing a spoon to a knife fight, whether you intend to bet or trade.

Over the last few years, we have seen some remarkable ‘performances’ from AI. The technology has defeated the world’s best players in pursuits such as Go, Poker, and Chess; all of which are known as games of strategy and/or probability.

The five-match series between AI program, AlphaGo, and Lee Sedol, one of the best Go players of all time, showcased the technology’s ability to think and adapt. For instance, in game #2, ‘Move 37’ was considered as something no human could ever conceive of. Ultimately, the AlphaGO program confused Sedol and won the series 4-1. Sodol later admitted that playing the program improved him as a player.

Rather than shun AI, forward-thinking individuals understand the tremendous advantages it provides. The technology is already proven to think a lot like a human, only far quicker and with an emphasis on data.

Imagine having the ability to analyse data from 20,000 football players in several of the world’s top leagues. What do you think will happen if you have access to technology that accurately predicts results and the odds at which you should bet?

At Mercurius, we believe it is a game-changer, which is why we have developed the world’s first publicly available AI for the Betfair Exchange. The technology trades football and turns gambling into investing. Interested? Get in touch with our team to find out more.



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