CopyBet: What’s new?

This year, the CopyBet platform retains the momentum started earlier to improve and optimize its performance. This is very important for us: doing our best and creating conditions, which will be comfortable for our clients. In 2018, CopyBet introduced several innovations at once and still continues enhancing the platform’s tools and copying modes. 

First of all, one should pay attention to a safe mode of copying. The mode implies that the copying coefficient is in the range from 0.1 to 1 with the step of 0.1. CopyBet introduced this mode in order to expand the number of available tools and help clients and partners to keep their funds safe. Using new approach to a mode of copying, one has an opportunity to copy a desired bet even if there aren’t enough funds on an account – choose the coefficient less than 1, that’s all. Our clients have already appreciated such approach. 

Apart from this, this year we’ve introduced “Loss limit” system, which combines best features of funds protection tools, Stop Loss and Take Profit, and allows to set a moving limit for possible capital losses. In this case, the system uses the method of deviation from the maximum subscription profit. With the help of this feature, all our clients and partners have an opportunity to get the most possible profit with the fewest possible losses. As a result, we’ve improved the safety level when you copy bets.

Internal services have also got better. For example, the stats section on the CopyBet website is now more convenient, informative, and user-friendly. The data in the section is ordered by events and markets, while the information about already closed or still open bets is arrayed by event markets. Working with the statistics is now really much easier. 

An opportunity to use a flexible payment scheme is one of our innovations that was duly appreciated by our clients. CopyBet offers one-, two-, or four-week subscriptions. This approach is very convenient for bet providers as it allows to create their own discount system based on the duration of a copying period. The fact that CopyBet has its own internal currency, Credo, is no longer the news, because it has been operational since January 2018. We’ve introduced Credo to make calculations and payments faster and more convenient. It really helps to avoid any complications with currencies, payments, and commissions. 

By no means these are all of improvements of functionality and conditions that we plan for 2018. However, even now one can say that the CopyBet platform has become more convenient and informative, and we’re really proud of each innovation we’ve implemented.



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