Automated Market Search : Get straight to the markets you want

Wasting time searching for a market you want to bet or trade on can be a frustrating pursuit.

It can be even more frustrating if the long-winded search for that market causes you to miss out on an opportunity to place a bet at the price you want.

Using an automated market search functionality on a betting app gives you the ability to locate the markets and events you want much quicker.

It also provides you with the facility to set the parameters of your search to be as broad or as narrow as you want them.

Probably the first thing you will be looking to do is select what sport you want to bet or trade on. You will be able to see a list on the app and you can just check the box next to the required sport.

At this stage, you can also decide which country you want the event to be taking place in. It can certainly give you the opportunity to bet on an obscure football game pretty much anywhere in the world.

If you have chosen soccer as the sport you want to find an event on, you can then decide which market within that event you want to play. These can range from the correct score market to the match odds, and there are plenty more.

In horseracing, you could have the option to choose between the win and place markets as well, for example.

Following on from there, you can then select if you want to find an event which is already taking place, such as a tennis match which is in play or a horse race that has already started.

You are also able to set parameters for the values of an event. You can pick out events which have had a certain amount of bets matched or money matched. Alternatively, you can decide if it must have a specific value or not.

It is also possible to bring up events which are scheduled to take place within a set time frame, such as within the next day or later.

Once you have settled on these various parameters, you will then end up with a list showing all the markets which fit the criteria you have selected.

So you could have a list that runs into the thousands if you have not been too specific with your country in which the event is taking place for instance. Alternatively, it could be quite a small list that meets your criteria.

You can then add all the events which have been brought up to your market or go through and nominate which ones you want to have a look at betting or trading on.

The beauty of using the automated market search tool on an app is that everything is right there in front of you.

There is no need to go digging around trying to find a market or clicking on multiple tabs, everything is just in one place for you.



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