Greening up: Applying maths to hedge your profit

Guaranteeing you won’t lose any money is one thing when it comes to betting, but being able to ensure a profit is what gamblers are really looking for.

That is where a process known as ‘greening up’ comes in. This allows you to both back and lay a selection, and then emerge with a profit whatever the outcome of the event, be it a horse race or a football match.

The big decision you have to make in the first place is which selection you are going to back.

What is important to consider, for greening up to work, is which direction the market is going to go in terms of your selection. If the horse, for instance, you want to back is going to drift, then greening up is not going to work.

You need to find a selection whose odds are going to shorten in order for greening up to return a profit, otherwise you will end up with a loss.

There are two ways in which you can work out how much you need to stake in order to guarantee a profit.

Looking at the first way, if you back a selection at 11.0 with a £10 stake, your profit would be £100. You then need the price to come in to a point for you to lay the same selection at odds which would mean you can’t lose money whatever the outcome. To then ‘green up’, you need a second lay bet which is worked out by dividing your potential profit by the lay price. This figure is what you then need to lay the selection at.

You will then see that all the selections in the event or market you’re on will turn green. So, whatever happens in the race, you will come out with a profit of some sort.

The other way of calculating how much you need to stake in order to green up is to divide your return, if the selection were to win, by the lay odds. This is the sum you then need to lay at.

That is the basic maths behind it and there are plenty of betting calculators out there which can help you to do it manually.

But, thankfully, using a betting app will do all this hard work for you!

Depending upon which betting app you are using it is possible to use an auto greening function for stakes as small as £2 or less.

You can also select what size of profit you wish to achieve by greening up, so long as your bets have been matched at your chosen price.

The challenge is finding the right selection in the first place as the markets are unpredictable. But, once you have found a selection that is going to shorten in price, then use the auto greening function to lock in the profit for you.

You can then feel in a position to celebrate whichever horse passes the post in front knowing you can’t lose.



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