In-play analysis: Limit the risk of betting in-running

Betting in-running provides the most volatile markets when you are using the exchanges.

It can offer the chance to make a sizable profit when you are backing and then laying a selection. But, at the same time, it also opens up the possibility of running up an unwanted loss due to the sudden fluctuations which can occur in a horse’s price mid-race.

Hedging certainly allows you to limit the risks you are taking when you are betting in-running, but using in-play analysis gives you even greater scope to make money from your bets.

In-play trading resembles options trading on the financial markets and the more information you have at your disposal the better placed you will be to turn a profit.

Using data from a horse’s previous races will help you to determine your in-play strategy when it comes to that particular horse.

A betting app can automatically upload the information and data you require in order to examine how a horse has previously performed in-running.

The two key pieces of information you need are what the horse’s starting price was and then the lowest price at which it traded in-running.

You can also find graphs to assist you in plotting your hedging risk depending upon the margins you are looking for.

Once you have examined the data, you can then decide which horse you want to back in a specific market. Alternatively, you can let the betting bot do most of the work for you.

The automated functionality in the betting app will place bets for you when you are looking to hedge out of certain positions on a selection in-running.

It is important to ensure that you do set triggers, though, when you are looking to use the automated functionality for in-running betting, otherwise there is a danger of losses exceeding what you had intended.

You can set the triggers so that the bot will only place a bet in-running if the selection’s price hits a certain target and you can also set a certain stake which you want to back or lay at.

It is also probably sensible to operate at small stakes to begin with, particularly if you are a relative newcomer to using the in-play markets.

There is the option, for example, to back or lay at the best, second best and third best price in the market when you are betting in-running. However, one thing to be careful of is that, in a market where there is fierce competition over which horse will be sent off favourite, you may not end up with the selection you want.

When you are using the analysis of past in-running markets for a particular horse, always remember that you are taking that information as a means to back a horse to run well, rather than to necessarily win the race.

But, by using that data and the automatic functionality which is available, you will soon find yourself in a position where the risk of betting in-running is dramatically reduced.



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