Multi-market trading: Don't lose track of any bets across multiple markets

Being able to bet and trade across multiple markets is one of the most attractive elements of using a betting exchange.

You can quickly find selections across a wide range of sports and events with strong trading positions, and then take advantage of them.

However, the speed at which you are moving through different markets can sometimes lead to either mistakes being made; losing track of what bets you have already placed or missing out on a trade. The best way to eliminate this possibility is by using a multi-market trading management tool on a betting app.

The software on the app can help you to manage and organise your bets and trading positions in multiple markets, while still allowing you to look at new markets for suitable opportunities.

You can set up the positions you want to take on a market and then leave the software to manage matters in the background during your search for a new market.

The first thing you are likely to do when using the multi-market trading tool on a betting app is select the events you may be interested in either betting on or trading in. These can be different events within one specific sport, or a range of events across a range of sports.

A list of the markets you have chosen will be housed on one screen and with one click you can then bring up that market.

If you decide that is a market you want to bet or trade on, then you can set up your required triggers. So you will want to set what stake you want to be betting or laying at, and other options such as if you want to stop-loss, how many ticks you want and things like that.

You then make your selection in the event before returning to your list of markets.

Clicking on one of the other markets will bring that market up for you to make a selection and you can just use the same triggers as for your first bet or trade. All the while you are looking at this second market, your bets or trades on the first market are being automatically taken care of by the software due to the parameters you have set.

Different apps may display the information on your main screen in different ways. But it will usually show if your bets or trades have been matched or not. With one click, you can then see how those bets have been matched.

You can have different refresh times for your primary and secondary markets. The primary market is the one you have in full view and will refresh depending upon your settings. The secondary markets will then refresh marginally slower.

It is all about setting up a system for automated trading so that you can work on multiple markets simultaneously.

The software will keep doing the background work for you, and keep everything in a safe place, while you keep exploring new openings to make money.



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