Scalping: Build small profits into long-term gains

Getting in and out of a market quickly and fleeing the scene with a profit is one way a trader can look to make money over the long term.

Scalping is one means of being able to guarantee a profit which can turn seemingly small individual amounts into one generous lump sum.

It is a type of arbitrage where you are taking advantage of a price difference in a market in order to ensure you make a profit.

There is certainly no guarantee you will win on every trade that you make, but if you do it properly, then in the long term, your profits should definitely outweigh your losses.

Most scalpers will be looking to make a profit of one tick, maybe two ticks, in a market, but will spend perhaps less than two minutes actually in the market, or sometimes less than 20 seconds.

The best place to try to scalp is usually on a horse race in the 10 minutes or so before it is due to start. For scalping to be most effective, it relies on a market which has plenty of money flowing in it and plenty of people wanting to trade. This is why those final minutes before a race are the optimum time to scalp.

You will usually find as well that the market on the favourite or the second favourite will tend to provide the most opportunities to scalp as there is usually much more betting activity taking place with these selections.

So, as an example, if you back a horse at 3.2, then to make a profit by scalping you need to lay the same horse with the same stake at 3.0. This guarantees you a one-tick profit. If the price is continuing to go down, then you can keep repeating this trade until the point it stops or slows down.

Obviously the larger the stake you place, the bigger the profit you will get. But given the number of markets you can attempt to scalp, and how quickly you can do it, it is easy to see how the small profits can build up into a bigger sum.

Using a betting app can also make the scalping process much more straightforward as you can set triggers to do it for you.

Depending upon whether your first bet has been a back or lay, then there is software which will automatically place the second bet for you after calculating what is required in order to lock in the profit.

It is also possible to set the tick size when you are scalping, so that you only have to click the back or lay buttons.

Other options include being able to set the automated scalping software to only function when the price is within a certain range or up to a certain time before the race or event starts.

Perhaps best of all, there are also a training modes for you to try out scalping before you risk your own money.



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