Spreadsheet integration: creating your own custom trading tool

Using a spreadsheet integration tool will give you the flexibility and opportunity to build a system which offers the best chance to maximise your profit.

There is also no need to be daunted by the prospect of spreadsheet integration as you will be able to customise your own spreadsheet to be as detailed as you want.

It does help if you do have a basic knowledge of how Excel works, but it’s not something you need a PhD in coding for.

When using an app to integrate a spreadsheet, you first need to select a market from the trading exchange that you are using.

Once you are connected to the exchange, via your betting app, the blank spreadsheet will be populated with the data from the market you have chosen.

What you will see on your spreadsheet is pretty much the same view as you would have on the exchange, so you will have the odds, the amounts which have been matched and the money which is available, for example, in front of you.

Once you have got all this data and information on your spreadsheet, you now have to decide what to do with it.

The opportunities for customising the spreadsheet to best suit your own needs are pretty endless and there is an enormous amount of flexibility within it.

At a basic level, you can set instructions to either back or lay a selection. However, to get more out of the spreadsheet integration, you want to be looking to use it as a form of triggered betting.

The three key fields that you want to be able to use are the stake, odds and trigger cells.

To use the trigger, you would type ‘IF’ and then say what stake to bet if a selection is a certain price, for example, by using some basic code and the cell numbers.

It is also possible to fill in the spreadsheet manually by typing in your stake and the odds which you’re going to be backing a selection at.

But this isn’t really what it is designed for. To make the most of the integration, you want to set it up to be completely automated, so that it can place bets for you when you’re not sat at your desk or able to access your mobile.

Another worthwhile feature of spreadsheet integration is the ability to bring in data from previous markets to enable you to review how a market has played out.

As with any experiment, it’s always worth doing some testing first before you properly put it into practice. So, once you feel that you’re happy with your customised spreadsheet, bet with minimum stakes first to put it through its paces.

If it proves its worth and performs the functions you have instructed it to do, then you’re in a position to increase your stake and fully make the most out of spreadsheet integration.



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