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75% off 1st month! RaceStatsApp (RSA) has been developed by its creator, Mike O’Neil, over 13 years and was first released as a mobile app in 2015, then became web based in 2017.

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RSA is a totally NEW way of looking at racing. You will not find any horse, jockey or trainer’s names in RSA – this is because we take a completely unique approach of looking at horse racing data – solely based on the aggregate market information encapsulated in Betfair Starting Price (BSP) and without any regard to form.

RSA is comprised of six apps.

BET Finder – Everything starts here. BET Finder is designed to help you find winners or losers for the day or week of racing, using historical data. It enables you to reverse look up race results for any day or week of the year and compare them with any other day or week, with each runner’s performance shown according to its BSP, not form. For example, it can show how first (or second, or third) favourite performed on the first day of the third week of the last five years, or throughout all of the years when a specific annual event took place, such as Grand National or Cheltenham, sorting and filtering by track, distance or race type; whether a certain week or day historically had outsiders winning at high BSP or had a low number of favourite winners; in what race type, distance or track those winners (or losers) predominantly occurred. And finally, once you filtered out the results and came up with an idea for a betting strategy, the app will show you exactly whether you’d be in profit or loss if you had backed all selections based on such strategy. In short, BET Finder, through back testing, helps you see where to hunt for best selections and how to create a profitable betting strategy.

BSP Training – Allows you to train before starting to bet live: teach yourself how to read and interpret the data. Go to any day in history in BET Finder, find a strategy for the day, then come into BSP Trainer and see if all the stars align. Then bet on the race in training mode, as if it were happening now, and see if your interpretation of the odds helped you determine the winner. Training is where you should spend a lot of time before betting with real money. As the old saying goes - the more I practice, the luckier I get.

BSP Check – Now, after you have completed training, it is time to go live. BSP Check has the same layout as the training segment but the data feed is live, meaning that odds update in real time. A convenient tool in your betting decision-making, it allows you to know at a glance what selections (favourites or outsiders) have predominantly won that particular type of race and at what starting odds. It also has a copy/paste feature for exporting the data to an excel template from our website, designed to show you how today’s results fit into the daily and weekly overview of winners, helping you to understand if more outsider or favourite winners should be expected.

BET Maker – A bespoke betting app connected to Betfair that is designed specifically for use with RSA. It lets you set all your bets up and see what your overall position will be before submitting them to the exchange. One click can add back or lay bets to the entire field at any odds and at any stake, with unmatched bets kept in play. The perfect app for betting in running or just before the off.

Analyser   – This is something every punter who follows the money has ever wanted. “Show me the money” is exactly what Analyser does. With analyser you can bring in the settings you found in BET Finder plus add all the filters from BSP Check and see instantly what each filter does over 5 years of data, see what happens each and every year in figures. Analyser also comes with a graph-building feature. As we all know or should, betting on each and every odds/favourite ends up at or close to zero over the years, so what we do is show you the highs (back bet) and lows (lay bet). Please watch all our videos.

Auto BET   – The ability to set up all your races that Bet Finder and Analyser have guided you to with just a few clicks you can set up a bot for each race. Leave your computer running and let Auto Bet do all the work.

Key Features

  • Over 300,000 races
  • Over 7 million odds
  • In running highs and lows
  • Every race from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia
  • Updated results after each race
  • Automatically updates data as BSP changes
  • Works in Safari and Chrome
  • For use on your PC, tablet or phone
  • Works on Mac and Windows, iPhone or Android
  • Used and tested by 40+ users for over 36 months
  • RSA is the biggest game changer in horse betting history

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