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RaceStatsApp (RSA) is a totally NEW way of looking at racing. You will not find any horse/jockey/trainers names in RSA – this is because we take a completely unique way of looking at horse racing data

RSA is comprised of four apps.

Systemfinder(SF) – This is a mode for bot makers: in just a few seconds you can look up each of today’s meetings or the entire day over the last eleven years and see where you should be looking for likely winners. e.g. races with 10+ runners, handicaps, specific BSP range, with distance of less than 1 mile. SF provides virtually unlimited ways to find a profitable bot to run for a particular day of racing.

Puntersform (PF) – This app is used to bet on races while at your PC. The BSP of today’s favourite in a particular race is used to demonstrate what has happen in races where favourites went off at the same (or nearly same) BSP in the past – all to show when punters were confident in backing a certain selection or not so much.  PF is designed with a single purpose – to point you as close as possible to where you should be looking for a winner in a particular race.

Training App – It is a true game changer. Before putting even a single bet on a live market, you can do a simulation play for any race in history, to learn not only how to stake your bets but also how to read the data, as well as to develop a clear understanding of whether to get involved in a particular race or skip to the next one.

Puntersform Betting App – A bespoke betting app connected to Betfair that is designed specifically for use with Puntersform. It lets you set all your bets up and see what the outcome will be before submitting them to the exchange.

NEW Test Any Strategy (TAS)   – Yet another innovation from RaceStatsApp. A way to find and test any Strategy you can think of without any effort. RaceStatsApp does not just show the stats as you can find on any website RaceStatsApp reports includes all the information you can extrapolate from that data for every race and is included into the report generated. The report is delivered in excel format allowing the user to find and create any strategy whether laying, Backing or trading In-running.  If you are not good with excel RaceStatsApp has you covered with a premade Excel sheet to do all the analyses for you.

Key Features

  • Over 130,000 races
  • Over 3 million odds
  • In running Highs and lows
  • Every race from the UK and Ireland
  • Updated Daily
  • Automatically updates data as BSP changes
  • Works in Safari and Chrome
  • For use on your PC, notepad or phone
  • Works on Mac and Windows, iPhone or Android
  • Used and tested by 40+ users for over 12 months
  • RSA is the biggest game changer in horse betting history

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