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BetexTrader allows you to automate powerful trading strategies on the Betfair betting exchange. This is achieved by setting up Betting Plans which are then attached to one or more race or event. Load horseracing, football, tennis, cricket, basketball, golf & ice hockey markets from Betfair. You design Bet Plans to place bets before the event start or during the event in-play, or both!

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Betextrader Is the easiest way to create powerful bet plans like 'back first then lay', 'lay first then back', 'straight back or straight lay', also with stop-loss or hedging capability!

Betextrader (BTX) will allow you to fully automate some relatively simple but powerful horse race trading strategies on the Betfair exchange. This is achieved by setting up Betting Plans which are then attached to one or more horse racing events. All the hard work of monitoring prices is taken over by the software and decisions are made with lightning speed to see if a bet should be placed.

Running multiple instances of the Betextrader software is easy. Set up complex trading scenarios just by starting another instance of the software. Imagine multiple strategies all focusing on the favourite or other selection? The possibilities for an edge are endless!

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Key Features

  • Place back then lay, lay then back, straight lay or straight back bets with optional hedging/stop loss.
  • Place bets on Horses, Greyhounds, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Basketball & Ice Hockey
  • Place 1st bet at specified prices or take available price
  • Place 2nd bet at specified prices or take % profit
  • Create betplans to attach to races/events
  • Run multiple instances
  • Live or simulated bets with accurate match technology
  • Specify the time to bet before or after the off
  • Safety triggers to stop the software
  • Built in trading betting calculator
  • Auto select runners or soccer market selections - Any runners, ticked runners or Favourites
  • View results and profit/loss fast
  • Bet 1 and stop loss trigger conditions
  • Min/Max number of runners or range of runners, Non-runners, Max number of bets filters
  • Specify price range of favourite or other runners/selections

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