Bet Angel Professional

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Containing a vast range of unique features, the latest ‘streaming’ technology and with the ability to trade manually or fully automatically, Bet Angel is the ultimate Betfair toolkit!

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Free trial and advice

Get a FREE trial of Bet Angel Professional and benefit from a comprehensive tuition via a detailed user-guide, hundreds of videos, comprehensive support and an active and helpful trading community. It is easy to start successfully using advanced betting or trading strategies with Bet Angel.

Vast range of key features

Since 2005, Bet Angel has been providing a secure advanced betting and trading platform for Betfair users at every level. If you wish to bet and trade on any sport, Bet Angel offers a complete suite of tools all of which can all be used live or a using the fully-featured, risk-free, practice mode.

Bet Angel can be used across multiple screens and its interface is fully customisable. Key features include a fast one-click betting interface, advanced ladders and charting and fully automated betting or trading. Other tools include dutching, easy Cash-Out with profit calculators, multi-market capability, watch lists and specialist tools for the big three sports on Betfair - Tennis, Horse racing and Football.

State of the art manual or automated trading

Automation is easy to set up with the Guardian Advanced Automation feature or via Servants™. This allows complex automated betting based on timing, price triggers, comparative odds conditions and more. Automatically Cash-Out when your desired profit level is achieved and assure yourself a level profit (greening) no matter the result. Download free examples from our forum for any sport or strategy you are interested in. For those who wish to write their own automated betting or trading strategies, Bet Angel can link to Microsoft Excel offering automation opportunities that are limitless.

Learn more about Bet Angel by watching the videos at

FREE trial available

Key Features

  • All features can be used in ‘Practice’ mode 
  • Uses Betfair’s latest ‘streaming’ API technology
  • One-click screen
  • Ladder trading screen
  • Dutching 
  • Advanced Automation 
  • Servants™
  • Advanced charting
  • Tennis live scores
  • Tennis modelling 
  • Soccer modelling
  • Horse Racing In-play tools 
  • True Mutli-market trading
  • Excel spreadsheet integration 
  • Multi-market trading 
  • Unique interactive Watch List/coupons
  • Multi-screen trading 
  • Market Overview
  • Greening (Cash-Out) tools 
  • Unrivalled help and support

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Bet Angel Limited


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Languages supported

English, German, Spanish, Portuguese


Trading, Automated Betting



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