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BFCharts is a web application for placing online bets based on selections’ price/volume graphs, or BetFair charts (hence the name).

Available on

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple Mac


By looking at a Price/Volume graph, you can quickly identify the direction in which the market is going for a particular selection. Is it a good time to back or lay? Is there enough money matched on this selection? What is the best price to offer?

BFCharts allows you to keep all important graphs on one screen and act upon them quickly. You can instantly place a bet on a selection by clicking one of the preconfigured betting buttons underneath the graph. You can then cash out when the trend line reverses: the potential P/L figure will let you know how much you’ll earn.

Control your matched and unmatched bets from the Current Bets panel. Track your progress by looking at the built-in Account Statement.

This is your cross-platform, easy-to-use web application for monitoring price trends.

Key Features

  • Real-time Price/Volume graphs for all sports events
  • Historical Price/Volume graphs for markets that took place in the past, recorded over the last two years
  • Turn In-Play data in historical graphs on/off
  • Favourites category that allows you to keep all important graphs on the same page
  • Mix and shuffle Favourite graphs from different events and sports
  • Ability to automatically jump to the next race
  • One-click backing and laying on selections right under their graphs
  • Selection and market green-up (cash out)
  • Predefined bet amounts and bet persistence
  • List of matched and unmatched bets
  • Account statement
  • Available on English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian

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Welldone Creative Software


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Languages supported

English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian


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  • 5 Use your Betfair account credentials to log on to the App. Your vendor will provide guidance and support on getting up and running on the App.
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