FormGenie-Bot is a java-based desktop application developed to mark 10 years of FormGenie. The App fetches each day’s ratings via your FormGenie user account and automates Exchange betting via your Betfair account.

Available on

  • Windows
  • Linux


FormGenie has been designed to be linked exclusively with FormGenie selections and will fetch each day’s ratings via your FormGenie user account and automate exchange betting via your Betfair account (so you must have valid access to FormGenie ratings). At it’s core, FormGenie users can select any FormGenie User Mode and choose to Back top rated selections (Win and/or Place) / Dutch or Lay in a Set, Bet and Forget environment. Note the FormGenie Bot is only available to FormGenie subscribers and there is an annual fee which is in addition to a FormGenie subscription (which can be monthly/quarterly or annually). It is imperative you have some prior experience of FormGenie prior to committing to the bot as the feature-rich FormGenie-Bot maximizes the potential of FormGenie ratings whilst minimizing the effort required exploiting it.As such, familiarity and confidence in our mainstay product is essential.


Key Features

  • Automatic fetch and load FormGenie selections
  • Use to execute any FormGenie User Mode
  • Top Rated Only (Win and/or Win and Place)
  • Top Rated and Dutch
  • Set Min Confidence Stars
  • Set Min / Max Odds
  • Lay Top Rated and/or Dutch Only
  • Lay anything NOT Top or Dutch Rated Only
  • Back/Lay based on FormGenie Target Odds
  • Limit number of races to play per session
  • Lay-in-running up to anytime post-off (catching early-overbet-in-running that become poor value)
  • Back any horse that represents Super Value (compared to FormGenie Odds)
  • Back/Lay to win a target sum or to level stake
  • Market Awareness - Intelligent algorithm submits back bet maximising chance of best odds
  • Stop Loss/Profit settings
  • Expansion to Equalise Dutch selections to include variable stakes based on Target and/or session P&L
  • Allows user to bet in proportion to bank

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