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One of the most volatile, potentially profitable and therefore most popular in-play trading sports is tennis, as Peter Webb from Bet Angel explains.

Creating a profitable position by trading is all about volatility; the movement in odds. Lay at a lower price than you can back at and you will make money. The bigger the gap between your lay bet and your back bet the bigger the profit.

There are many reasons why tennis odds are so volatile. One key reason is that the scoring system lends itself well to significant changes of fortunes for the players. You can go from being 2-0 up in a set to 2-3 down just by dropping a couple of points on two service games.

There are also lengthy rallies, unforced errors, thundering serves and injuries. But matches can also last, in theory at least, for infinity. This means the chance of a large swing in odds is much more likely. One of the longest matches in recent times was at of course at Wimbledon in 2010 when Mahut & Isner could only be separated after three days and 183 games!

All these factors can cause the odds to move around significantly during a match. This gives you many chances to get on the right side of a trade by laying at a low price or backing high and waiting for the odds to fall in your favour.

There are often matches where it didn't matter whether you backed or laid at the start as you would multiple chances to profit. This would happen each time the odds cross the starting price you backed or laid at. If this happens you would get the chance to cash out for a profit.

It happens a surprising amount in tennis, but typically in more competitive matches. Because grand slam tournaments are seeded you tend to get a lot of uncompetitive matches in the early rounds. As tennis is one of the most volatile sports in terms of odds movement it makes for an excellent trading market. The only downside you have with tennis is that matches can last for very long periods of time. However, tennis still remains one of the most popular in-play markets.

In order to profit from these swings in odds you need to understand how tennis odds are determined and what creates the volatility in a tennis match. Fortunately help is hand. Bet Angel contains a very clever tool that looks at a tennis match and 'decodes' the underlying maths and allows you to project a match forward to see where the odds could go.

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