Take control with triggered betting

Losing control when you’re betting is often the quickest way to losing your money. You keep going back in for one more bet hoping that the tide will turn in your favour.

By the end of the day, not only have you got an empty account, but you’ve also wasted your day.

Triggered betting, on the other hand, provides you with the opportunity to save both time and money, and it allows you to exert far greater control over your betting systems and staking plans.

Here's how:

There are plenty of apps on the market which give you the function of triggered betting and there can be in excess of 50 different actions that can be deployed.

They provide you with the one-click functionality to implement the type of staking plan that works for you.

You can simply set your stake limit, so that you will always bet the same amount on whatever market you want to bet on. Or you can set it to either back or lay an outcome in an event or market.

Digging a little deeper into the possibilities and you can set up a trigger so that you will always back the favourite, be it in horse racing, football, tennis or whatever sport you choose.

From there, you can decide what type of horse race you wish to bet on or limit yourself to placing a bet when the field contains a maximum or minimum number of runners. If there is a late non-runner in the race, then there is the functionality for the bet to be cancelled.

You can also set the parameters so that the bet is only triggered when the price of a selection sits within a certain range. That way, you don’t always have to bet on extremely short-priced favourites, or if the favourite is at bigger odds in an open field. The same principle can be applied to laying a selection.

Another bonus of using triggered betting is that it can react quicker than you when there has been a sudden change in the market to make your selection worthy of betting on. Rather than being too slow to get the bet on yourself, the bet will automatically have been placed for you.

Set your profit target

If you’re away from your desk or your phone, then triggered betting can help to minimise your losses with a stop-loss function. This allows you to set how much you’re prepared to lose during the course of a day.

Alternatively, you can set a trigger to ensure that no further bets are placed once you’ve reached a set profit target for the day.

It may feel strange to be away from your desk or unable to access your phone, and yet still be in such firm control of your betting. But that is exactly what triggered betting is designed for.

If you’ve got trust in your betting system or staking plan, then you can have trust in the functionality to carry out your instructions for you.

See the Automated Betting section for details of apps that provide this functionality.



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