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If you have to do something manually more than twice in your daily betting, can it be automated? Grey Horse Bot is a betting tool that allows you to automate your Exchange back and lay bets.

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Grey Horse Bot is SportingBots’ flagship automated betting tool that has been designed from the ground up around the needs of the Betfair punter by regular Betfair punters.  First established as a simple Grey Hound racing back and lay automation tool almost 10 years ago it has steadily grown into what can only be described as the “Swiss army Knife” of betting tools.

The key vision for the Grey Horse Bot has always been all about automation… if you have to do something manually more than twice in your daily betting can it be automated? It’s this driving force that has made Grey Horse Bot a simple to use and truly set and forget piece of software.

The summary below introduces the key features of software and demonstrates the power and control behind the simplistic design. 


One of the key elements of any piece of betting software is to give the user full control over its actions; Grey Horse Bot allows you to do this in several ways.

The software provides five different ways to control what your bot does with your Betfair bank – with the ‘Stop at profit/ Loss = feature'. You can set your bot to bet on real-time ranked odds filters or simply add filters to a specific bet on Automatic or Manual mode operation.

Calculate your bets in multiple ways using the odds available, requesting specific prices and look at the position of other potential bets to trigger them. Control when the Grey Horse Bot starts and stops betting and use the number of runners and non-runners to trigger bets into the market or withhold them.


The second key element of a betting tool is automation. With Grey Horse Bot we have taken our everyday knowledge of Betfair and the use of betting systems and taken it a step further with each function designed to make your daily Betfair use not only simple but fun, intuitive and above all “set and forget”

Using our easy to format CSV text file system, simply create a list of selections and parameters and imports them using the server tips module.

Use our Dutching or Trading features. Dutching is an excellent way of placing bets on more than one horse in a race so that if any of them win, then the return is the same. Trading is often referred to on Betfair as “Greening up” as this refers to the potential Profit/loss figures under each index in the market showing as green to indicate a profit regardless of the outcome of the event.

Want to know more?

There is a huge amount of information, videos and articles across the Grey Horse Bot network of sites. Additionally, our support team are always on hand to offer help and advice. Or, to download, go to:
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Key Features

  • Stop at profit/ Loss 
  • Automatic or Manual mode operation
  • Stake types, Odds types and position control
  • Create and download automated selection files
  • Dutching and trading

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