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Bf Bot Manager is software designed to help you automate your betting and trading at Betfair betting exchange.


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  • Windows


Bf Bot Manager allows you to run an unlimited number of strategies (bots) at same time. You can have one strategy betting on favourites, a second one trading on horse races, a third one betting on tennis matches and several other strategies betting on football events or tipster tips.

Bots can be setup to bet at a custom time, with custom staking plans and custom trade-out/hedge rules pre-event or in-play.

Bots can bet in your own customized way based on your manual selections.

Bots can also find selections themselves and be 100% automated based on your selection criteria and betting instructions.

Bots can have their own banks, or a group of bots can have linked/shared banks or be linked to you Betfair account balance.

You can set the software to automatically download or import your tips or tipster betting tips and bet on them just a few seconds before event start time or any time that you set. Tips can also be automatically imported from Proform software or imported from a file or URL such as from 3rd party tip providers like Betaminic or Predictology.

Your bot settings can be exported to a file allowing you to easily share strategies with others or to create backups of your bot settings.

The software also supports manual bet placement and has ladder and grid controls for one click betting and trading. The hedge/closefunctionality (green/red up) can be set to execute automatically or on a single click. The ladder view can be set to switch automatically to the next upcoming horse race of the day.

A simulation mode is available to test out bot strategies before you run them.

A wide variety of highly customizable staking plans make it the most versatile of all the betting bots out there.

Live in-play statistics are available for football and some tennis tournaments. Historical football results and live scores are available for all major and many lower leagues. Weather reports, team formations, pitch condition are also available for most football leagues.

Telegram and Twitter integration is available, and you can setup automated messages sent to yourself or a group when bets are made, markets are settled or other specified actions occur.

For Tipsters and Betting Selection Providers – automate your betting service so subscribers never miss a bet.

Our customer support is the best in the industry. Most mails are answered within 24 hours if not sooner.

You can also request custom functionality that we can develop and add into the software for you. We can also adjust settings to suit your own requirements.


A 7-day free trial is available.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of strategies can run at the same time

  • Supports any market on Betfair Exchange.

  • Automated betting and trading by customizable rules 

  • Automated betting on imported tips (Import from file or URL)

  • Greening/cash out tools (Hedge/Close functions) 

  • Dutching functionality 

  • Simulation mode 

  • Live in-play statistics, football scores, weather reports and other match information included. 

  • Bot triggering based on historical results and statistics possible. 

  • Extensive filtering criteria for selections 

  • Staking plans 

  • Bet data and results data export possible 

  • Proform software integration 

  • External tip import integration (Betaminic, Predictology, etc.) 

  • Twitter integration 

  • Telegram integration 

  • One-click betting 

  • Stop-loss function 

  • Customizable market and grid views 

  • Customizable data refresh rates and market monitoring times 

  • Custom rules and settings can be developed on request 

  • Excellent customer service team

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English, German, Portuguese


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