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Wagertool® provides a wealth of sophisticated trading features - custom filter search, custom alerts, monitor your positions and exposure in all markets with advanced cash-out allowing you to close all positions with a single click


Available on

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple Mac


Wagertool® was built from the ground up to be as efficient as possible, maximising most used features and creating a lean bottom-line with focus on what you most want from a trading software: results and speed.

There are certainly more great functions and features but we highlight these four unique features of Wagertool® that will make the difference from any other trading software: Filters, Alerts, Cashout area and Unmatched bets area.

Create your custom Filter to search in a separate tab the markets that suits you best: filter sport, competition, market odds, market volume or status pre-live and live.

Create your custom alert to be warned about live events ideal to apply your strategy. You can create simple alerts: for soccer matches, alert me when the draw odds drops below 2.00. Or more complex alerts like: for soccer matches with a favourite (starting odd less than 1.50), alert me when the match reaches the half time with 0-0 score.

In the Cashout area you'll find individual and global Cashout buttons to close your positions in all markets with a single click.

Alongside the Cashout area, you will find the unmatched bets area, together they are your perfect dashboard to always monitor your positions and manage your exposure in all markets.

In Wagertool settings you can customise a great part of the software. Besides the column layouts in grid and ladder view (that you have to customise on those windows), everything else is customised in the settings.

Make our Wagertool®, your Wagertool®.

Key Features

  • Multi-windows resizable layout
  • 5 different market views: grid, ladder, advanced chart, multibet and all markets
  • Cashout area to quickly close positions in every markets with one click, or manage individually markets
  • Unmatched bets area to quickly manage your exposure
  • Search markets by competition or event names
  • Custom FILTERS to easily find your preferred markets
  • Custom ALERTS to be warned when live events meet your criteria
  • Soccer and Tennis livescores with links to markets
  • Automation bets: tick offset, stop loss, fill or kill and scheduled bets
  • 4 different staking modes: stake, profit, liability and mix mode
  • Practice mode

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