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BFStats is an analytical instrument for assessing betting strategies based on Betfair historical market data.

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We hear this every day: bettors asking us for advice on what betting strategy is the most profitable one. If you have a betting idea, you can test it the hard way, by risking your money and spending days on proving or disproving that idea. Alternatively, you can use an analytical tool like BFStats that will instantly give you the profit/loss forecast.

An average online bet exchange user wants results, now!

BFStats gives you a library of analytical reports on how a particular betting strategy performs over time (flat stakes). Using interactive settings and widgets, you can fine-tune the strategy and choose the best configuration for maximised profit, such as:

  • Number of runners in a race
  • Race distance
  • First, second, third, etc. favourite
  • Price range
  • Minute of the match (for football strategies)
  • Number of goals
  • Which team scores first
  • Countries
  • Leagues

The reports provide projected profit/loss figures for back and lay bets, with a 5% exchange commission in mind.

We have hundreds of thousands of real historical market data to tap into, for a credible, robust statistical instrument that will guide you in the sea of uncertainty that online betting often is.

Each report comes at a monthly price. You can choose from several sports, and if our growing library of strategies does not cover your idea, you can order a bespoke report.

There are a few free demo reports for you to taste the concept of BFStats.

Users of MarketFeeder Pro – another betting solution by the same company – will be able to immediately put their new knowledge to use. Each report contains a set of customizable betting triggers programmed to implement the relevant strategy. You can run the triggers inside MarketFeeder Pro and enjoy automated betting without doing any hard work.

If you have an analytical mind, you can also play with the historical data on your own. Each report allows you to download the exact set of historical markets used to build the statistical findings. Using MarketFeeder’s Time Machine, you will be able to download those markets and re-play the strategy, watching it happen right on your screen!

Key Features

  • Football, tennis, horse racing, greyhound racing strategies
  • Risk-free strategy validation with immediate results
  • Projected P/L (profit forecast) based on flat-stake betting
  • Customisable report data
  • Interactive report settings with bars, sliders, and other intuitive widgets that give you full control over strategy configuration
  • Ability to save setting profiles for future reuse and benchmarking
  • Two preselected featured setting profiles in each report demonstrate the best results for Backing or Laying
  • Based on 100% verifiable historical market data
  • Web-based: no need to install any software
  • Offers triggers compatible with MarketFeeder Pro
  • Offers downloadable sets of historical markets compatible with Time Machine

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